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Frank Paul Cangemi: President
Authorized Factory Agent for Gran Reserve Cigars
Specialist in “Customized Cigar Roller Events”

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At your leisure please peruse information below.

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Frank Paul

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”Customized Cigar Roller Event Information”

It would be my pleasure to be of service to you and start building a business relationship with my "Customized Cigar Roller Events" for all of your special occasions.

Please permit me to introduce myself.   My name is Frank Paul Cangemi and my specialty is "Customized Cigar Roller Events".

I am the proprietor of my cigar company by the name BNF Escapades, Inc.   I am an authorized factory agent for our cigar factory Gran Reserve Cigars.

Listed below is information about my "Customized Cigar Roller Events" and what you are to expect from me.   At your leisure please peruse my information and/or website.

At your next function if you are looking to impress others and/or do something really unique, really different -- May I suggest my "Customized Cigar Roller Events".

A "Customized Cigar Roller Event" is entertaining and adds spice to any occasion.   It is something very different for people to view and take part in.   It's fun and educational.   I cut and light the premium cigars for your guests.   I inform your guests about what tobacco is being used and describe what procedure is being performed to hand roll these premium cigars by the "Maestro" Tony Alvarez.   We supply all the tobacco / cigars necessary for your special event.   Additionally we supply our own portable cigar roller table cigar mold presses and various cigar cutting tools.   Also supplied are self sealing bags to provide freshness for cigars if a take home cigar is requested.   Matches and cigar literature will be available.   A portable lantern is also supplied if remote lighting is required.

Frank Paul Cangemi or associate will be present with cigar roller(s) at all "Customized Cigar Roller Events" to share "support, education and maintenance".



A "Customized Cigar Roller Event" is unique!!!

I have the ability to supply all of my factories private labeled cigars as well as any brand name cigar on the market.   I can also locate rare and hard to find cigars.

My "Maestro" Tony Alvarez and I are willing and able to serve "inside" as well as "outside".   A majority of my "Customized Cigar Roller Events" are held outside where smoking is permitted.   However, some "Events" are held inside just as well.

"Have Cigar – Will Travel”
It will be our pleasure to serve you with our "Customized Cigar Roller Events" for such occasions as:

  • Weddings         
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Theme Parties
  • Customer Appreciation Nights
  • Conference Dinners
  • Cigar Dinners
  • Corporate Events
  • Networking Meetings
  • Job Promotions
  • Member-Members
  • Member-Minglers
  • Member-Guests
  • Golf Tournaments
or just special outings;
  • At a marina
  • Dock side
  • Ship board
  • or both at the same time would be just fine!

All have "Mirth and Merriment"

Premium Tobacco + Premium “Maestro” =   Premium Satisfaction!!

Please utilize me as another tool for you to perform your job.   All you have to do is call and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Thank you!!


How We Work Our “Customized Cigar Roller Events”

What we had learned after performing our first "Customized Cigar Roller Event" 8 years ago, is to bring "X" amount of these premium hand rolled cigars "Pre-Rolled".    This alleviates the initial "on rush" demand and facilitates the "line moving" due to time restraints.   These "Pre-Rolled" cigars are the same blend tobacco as we use at all of our "Customized Cigar Roller Events".   They are freshly hand rolled the day before your special event.   With that said, my "Maestro" can then leisurely hand roll the remaining premium cigars for the guests/clients smoking pleasure and for all to see and enjoy. fpc


E x p l a n a t i o n   o f   C h a r g e s


Customized Cigar Roller Event:

100 Cigars / 3 Hours               

$ 1,200.00

Extra Hour ( 1 hour )


Each Cigar After 100 @


Cigar Rings - Private Labels: Computer Generated & Affixed       Labels per 100

$ 100.00

Cigar Rings - Private Labels Die Cut and Embossed

Please inquire




E x p l a n a t i o n   o f   C i g a r s


Cigar Shapes and Sizes at each event include:

  • Torpedo              
6 x 52
  • Corona             
5.75 x 42
  • Churchill
7 x 48
  • Sublime
6.5 x 54
  • Robusto              
5 x 50
  • Double Corona 
7.5 x 50
  • Panatela (Lancero)
7 x 38
  • Toro
6 x 50








Premium Tobacco used at each event will be:

Tobacco / Wrapper Binder Filler Description
Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Mild Effortless Draw / Creamy Taste
H a b a n a 2000 Nicaraguan / Maduro (Light and Dark) Nicaraguan Nicaraguan; (Medium to Full Bodied) Excellent Draw - Spicy / Peppery Taste


Premium aged Tobacco. See above "Customized Cigar Roller Event" information.

Please allow "lead-time" for your special event - Thank you!


 Excellent Value Package

Regular "Customized Cigar Roller Event"               

  • 3 hours

  • 100 cigars

  • One Professional Cigar Roller

  • One Professional Cigar Presenter



(Within regular geographical tri-county area)


NOTE: These premium hand rolled cigars only come in cellophane bundles of 25 Naked, No fancy cigar rings, no fancy boxes.   Just excellent tasting premium cigars.  

These "stogies" stand on their own merit - fpc

The cost is $190.00 per bundle of 25.   Any shape or size

Robusto 5 x 50 Double Corona 7.5 x 50
Churchill 7 x 48 Torpedo 6 x 52
Corona 5.75 x 42 Panatela (Lancero) 7 x 38
Sublime 6.5 x 54 Toro 6 x 50


Special Note on Salomon 7x58 (Especial Figurado)

Salomon 7x58 (Especial Figurado) is not on the menu for our "Customized Cigar Roller Events"   (Special Orders Only)   However, it is available in cellophane bundles of 25, Naked, No fancy cigar rings no fancy boxes - Just an excellent tasting "Giant" premium hand rolled cigar.   This "stogie" stands on its "own merit"  Mild, Medium & Full Bodied. fpc


The cost for this "Giant" is $10.00 each or

$250.00 per bundle of 25.

If your looking for a premium cigar that is different, both in size and taste, this is it !!!



(Applicable Freight / Taxation)

Certainly if you have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me

Enjoy your day.


Frank Paul Cangemi

BNF Escapades, Inc. / Gran Reserve Cigars
4613 North University Drive #540
Coral Springs, Florida 33067
Frank Paul Cangemi / Founder
Office: 954-340-9806

Cell: 954-235-2661 / email:

Authorized factory agent for Gran Reserve Cigars
Specialist in "Customized Cigar Roller Events"

Incoporated, Licensed, Permitted & Insured

Member: National Association of Wedding Professionals
Member: The Business Club of Weston